The Oceana Beach Resort in Lebanon also celebrates 2017 with AD speakers

Beachparty im La Suite-Oceana Libanon

Lebanon: A Picture says more than a thousand words. Only a few photos of our loudspeaker systems and the Ocena Resort in Lebanon should inspire the readers’ feelings. As we noticed this video of the beach party, what should we do with pictures? This video shows everything, that’s the reason why we build so genius loudspeakersystems: “Good vibes, cold drinks and nice ladies” – Party pure in Lebanon powered by AD-Systems, cause we amplified emotions…

For years, our Berny alias Bernard Sfeir from 360 Degrees limited has already worked successfully with the Beachclub and installed the loudspeaker system for the mega summer parties at the resort every year. The beach club is – and this also explains the annual re-installation – only open during the summer months and an insider tip for partypeople but also for recreation-seeking beachgoers with buck on a good party from good loudspeakers.


Beachclub only for adults

La Suite-Oceana promises an unforgettable holiday under the sun and only for adults! Swimming, sunbathing, relaxing and sports. Summer has just began and La Suite-Oceana is already waiting for you, near the infinite sea. The La Suite-Oceana has rooms for around 700 people, providing some hot summer night parties for its guests.

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