The i.Flex8 is a 2 way full-range loudspeaker for fixed installations


  • • Adventure parks
  • • Theatre, Musicals, Clubs
  • • Sport- and multipurpose hall
  • • Conference-, trainingsrooms

Loudspeaker i.Flex8

The i.Flex8 is a 2-way full range cabinet which is driven by an integrated passive crossover. It is equipped with a direct radiating 8” low-mid speaker and a 1” compression driver on a rotatable CD horn.

The horn, with a directivity of 90° x 60°, can be rotated to reach coverage of 60° x 90°. An elaborated  passive crossover provides phase corrected alignment of these components. Many flying and mounting points in the i.flex8 are fitted in the enclosure to enable an easy installation with combination of available accessories.

Due to impedance of 16 Ω, one can easily connect four i.flex8 to one amp-channel. The i.flex8 is suitable for public address applications up to a distance of 10 meters. No system controller is required because of its linear tuning.


• Fixed installation speaker for:
• Conference-, trainingsrooms
• Sport- and multipurpose hall
• Theatre, Musicals, Adventure parks


• 8“ low-mid speaker
• 1“ compression driver with 1.4“ voice coil
• Compact, elegant, highly efficient design

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12 mm birch polywood with structure paint
Basic layout
2-way passive system, bass-reflex tuning
Protective Grille
1.5 mm grille, covered with acoustic foam
8“ low-mid speaker
1“ compression driver with 1.4“ voice coil
Rotatable CD-Horn passive crossover with phase correction
Frequency Response
100 Hz–20 kHz
Power handling RMS | peak
250 W RMS | 1.000 W Peak
Nominal Impedance
16 Ω
Dispersion pattern
90° x 60°
95 dB
125 dB | peak | 1 m
NL4: 1+/1-
Dimensions (w x h x d)
248 x 414 x 240 mm
net weight
12 kg
100V transformer, special paint, RAL colours, horizontal or vertical u-bracket, miscellaneous special mountings

iFlex8 – V-Bracket

Loudspeaker V-Bracket for verticale use.
Colour: black, similar RAL 9005. Order number: 7011000039
Colour: white, similar RAL 9010. Order number: 7011000176

iFlex8 – H-Bracket

Loudspeaker H-Bracket for horizontal use.
Colour: black, similar RAL 9005. Order number: 7011000042
Colour: white, similar RAL 9010. Order number: 7011000177