Ob FOH-Lautsprecher oder Bühnenmonitor, der Magnus15 ist ein 15 Zoll Neodym Hochleistungslautsprecher der Spitzenklasse.


  • • FOH loudspeaker system
  • • High-End Monitor, Frontfill / Nearfill
  • • Expandable with subs formaing up a powerful front PA
  • • Elegant design, compact dimensions, low weight
  • • Wedge angle 55°, left & right versions available

The Magnus prdocuts are bi-functional premium class loudspeaker system incorporating a 12” respectively a 15“ neodymium low-mid transducer and a 1.4“ exit neodymium high frequency driver. Its high frequency horn has been designed using latest BEM (boundary element method) techniques and has an extremely homogeneous directivity pattern of 75° x 50°. It is rotatable by 90° to get a 50° x 75° pattern.

The Magnus series has been engineered for semi-active drive and thus unites the economic advantages of a passively crossed over loudspeaker with the sound quality, reliability and performance of an actively (i.e. DSP) controlled system. Its internal passive network provides optimal frequency division and phase alignment of both ways, and thus excellent directivity characteristics. Equalization, speaker protection and powering is provided through our AD-Systems Impuls series system amplifiers.

The elegant, asymmetric shaped enclosure of the Magnus systems is available as left and right version and is covered with a robust Polyurea coating. Its multi-functional design allows operation on poles or loudspeaker stands, suspended (with bracket) or as stage monitor wedge.  For flexible connection there are two Speakon NL4 sockets on the rear as well as one NL4 socket on top and bottom sides respectively.

As a true all-purpose tool the Magnus systems are usable as stand alone fullrange loudspeaker, compact stage monitor or as mid-high unit in combination with a subwoofer.


15/24 mm birch plywood w/ Polyurea coating, 55° wedge angle
Basic layout
2-Way passive, bass reflex tuning
Protective Grille
2.0 mm sheet steel, hex-stamped, black acoustic foam on inside
15“ ND low mid woofer w/ 3.5“ voice coil 1.4“ ND compression driver w/ 2.5“ VC on 75° x 50° BEM CD-Horn passive crossover w/ phase correction
Frequency Response
55 Hz–18 kHz +/-3 dB
Power handling RMS | peak
600 W RMS | 2.400 W Peak
Nominal Impedance
6 Ω
Dispersion pattern
75° x 50° constant coverage
100 dB Lo-Mids, 109 dB High
134 dB | peak | 1 m
NL4: 1+/1-, x 3
Dimensions (w x h x d)
430 x 700 x 362 mm
net weight
23,4 kg
Pan-tilt bracket, twin road case, padded transport cover