NT3 K4-Modul

NT3-K4 Aktivmodul mit 4000 Watt Leistung verteilt auf drei Kanälen (1x Bass, 2x Mittelhochton)

The NT3-K4 Amplifier module was developed to meet the demand for selfpowered systems. It can be integrated in our TouringSub18 and TouringSub15.
With its DPS on board, all Mid-High Units from our productrange can be used. This offers the advantage to our clients using existing gear from their inventory.

With a total power of 2500W @ 4 Ohms for the subs and 2 x 800W @ 4Ohms for the mid high, the NT3-K4 offers a huge Headroom for many applications.

Number of Channels
Number of Inputs
2 x Analog, AES/EBU
Frequency Response
20Hz - 20kHz
Maximum Input Level
+12 dBu
Maximum Output Power
1 x 2500W @ 4Ohms for Subs
2 x 800W @ 4Ohms or Mid High Units
Operating Voltage
90 - 240 Vac, 50-60 Hz
1000W average
Dimensions (HxW)
480 x 180 mm