The TouringSub18 is a neodymium woofer with extremely low power compression and highest dynamics with extremely high acoustic output


  • Touring subwoofer
  • Cardioid setups available
  • Substructure for the TouringLine in groundstacked mode
  • Trucking grid compatible dimensions, perfectly scalable

Tour-Subwoofer TouringSub18

„This is where the music is“. Where? Exactly, in the sub region. Physically it is about 70% and felt much more.  The sub region is an important part of the sound but what makes a good sub, a good sub? It should play with high dynamics, be compact, robust and have a punchy and warm sound. Requirements which shouldn‘t affect each other but are difficult to combine, we accepted this challenge and created the TouringSub:

The TouringSub18 is a very flexible subwoofer incorporating a durable 18“ neodymium transducer featuring very low power compression, high sensitivity and high power handling, and thus delivering enormously high sonic output. It is your first choice if you need to move air seriously. The basis for its incredible and enduring performance is a proprietary transducer motor ventilation system.

The bass reflex vent cross-section area corresponds to 75% of the membrane surface area – port compression effects are non-existent. Tuned to 42 Hz it is able to extend the frequency response of any PA system down to 35 Hz. Its upper crossover frequency can be as high as 120Hz. A special feature of the AD-System TouringSub are its flexible recessed stacking pads offering numerous stacking options: Standing upright or lying, rotated or alternating for cardioid setups, etc.  Appropriate DSP presets for cardioid or endfire subwoofer array applications are provided with our Impuls series amplifiers naturally.


• Touring subwoofer
• Cardioid and endfire array setups available
• Substructure for the TouringLine in groundstacked mode


• 18“ long excursion Neodym woofer with vortex ventilated 4“ voice coil
• Power handling: 1,000 Watt RMS | 4,000 Watt Peak
• Compact, elegant, highly efficient design

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Get an overview of other sound systems from our company. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Actual prices for the TouringSub18 subwoofer as well as the current product catalog are available on request.

• Product overview of our Touring product series

15 mm heavily braced Baltic birch polywood with Polyurea coating
Basic layout
subwoofer, bass reflex tuned
Protective Grille
2.0 mm sheet steel, hex-stamped, black acoustic foam on inside
18“ long excursion Neodym woofer with vortex ventilated 4“ voice coil
Frequency Response
35Hz–230Hz +/-3 dB
Power handling RMS | peak
1,000 W RMS | 4,000 W Peak
Nominal Impedance
8 Ω
Dispersion pattern
96 dB
132 dB | peak | 1 m
NL4: 2+/2-
Dimensions (w x h x d)
600 x 740 x 600 mm
net weight
43 kg

TS18 – Front Protector

The transport cover protects the subwoofer grille during transport and assembly. The plate is equipped with butterfly clasps and can be securely connected to the housing. Without swivel castors but also available as wheelboard with "blue wheels" swivel castors. Order number: 7011000049

TS18 – Padded Cover

Padded transport cover in polyester with AD-Systems imprint. To use with wheels on TouringSub housing. Order number: 7011000133