Roadworthy sound systems

Life “on the road” is tough, especially for sound equipment. The electric and acoustic strains are often the least of all problems. Build-ups, tear-downs, packing, unpacking, hits and bumps, moving around…

All that mechanical influences require perfectly designed and manufactured systems. That´s why we pay a lot of attention to using the highest grade raw materials. All products from the touring series are CNC milled, key and slot joint with weatherproof glue, screwed and coated with Polyurea. This elaborate way of manufacturing has one single aim: Long-term use. In other words: One thing less to worry about.

Touring speakers without compromise

With the touring series AD-Systems is offering an efficient, innovative and roadworthy sound reinforcement system with no compromises. Only the best quality, versatility and practice oriented accessories.

Best possible audio quality

Every component is state of the art, has an optimised enclosure design and delivers the highest sound pressure levels with the lowest distortion. All horn and driver combinations have been newly developed and trimmed for perfect dispersion. Every product from the compact PicoSpot to the high power TouringWedges has been specifically developed and offers the best audio quality in any situation. Everytime and everywhere.

Our Touring loadspeaker-series:

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About AD-System:

Because we love music, good sound and emotions, we have established our “sound manufactury” in 2001. Since 2009, we have been developing and producing our soundsystems in Wesel, Germany and distributing worldwide. Our Touring loudspeakers must always work precisely to the point and perform their service reliably. It is important to us that all systems are tuned in sound and function, design and profitability – in keeping with our satisfied customers.

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