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Open-air festival 2019 “Eggs with bacon” and Magnus 12

Across Nord Rhine-Westphalia, the city of Viersen is known as the host for the music festival “Eier mit Speck” (Eggs with bacon). This open air party has been held on the last weekend of July since 2006. The festival’s line-up features Rock, pop, metal, ska and electro. The festival features many bands and artists that are on the way up, though the line-up always includes artists who have already made it. Well-established acts such as Materia and Madsen have appeared at the Viersener Festival.

And right in the middle of Rock`n Roll fever, Stefan Kosmalla and his crew from >Rockline Sound & Light event technology (Issum) were doing what they do so well. Stefan and his team were in charge of technology and stage sound again this year, and used the popular AD-Systems Magnus 12 loudspeaker as a monitor solution. The approximately 6,000 visitors clearly enjoyed the FOH system, but musicians “Tim Vanto”, hard rock band “Audrey Horne” and metal band “Life Of Agony” relied on a dozen AD Systems’ Magnus12 filling the stage, loud and clear. When asked why technicians and bands love our speakers, Stefan Kosmalla answers quite pragmatically:

“Great wedges … extremely reliable (never had a problem), stable design, very loud, and thus high assertiveness even at high stage volumes. Equipped with NT4 controllers and reliably protected against overloading, the boxes have been doing their jobs with us for years!”

But what would festival report be without someone with a trained eye, always in the appropriate moment to “pull the trigger”? The photos, which we are allowed to use here in excerpts, all come together with photographer Maik Wiens from Brüggen. With his photo series he has captured numerous moments from the festival, including some great stage shots featuring the Magnus 12.

Therefore; A big thank you to Maik for the friendly release and use of your photos. And to you, Stefan – for believing in and relying on AD Systems. Cheers …


Interesting to know:

The name of the festival sprang from the organizers’ thoughts about what bothered them most at other festivals. Ultimately, it came down to the rather poor breakfast offerings. The idea was quickly born to offer free breakfast and at the same time, name the festival accordingly. The festival is making it possible for the winner of the annual “Young Talents” competition run by the YoungLife organization in cooperation with the city of Viersen. Organizer of eggs with bacon is Hertzblut Productions, and organizers Christoph Tappesser, Jürgen Haigh and Christoph Jinkertz.