Supplement to “summer is over party 2017”

Fotomontage Firmenevent AD-SystemsMost importantly: A big thank you to all who attended our *summer is over party* – We had a great time with you and the evening was exactly what we wanted to achieve: an inspiring, shared network.  Also, a heartfelt thanks to those who wanted to come but could not make it. You definitely missed something!.

On Wednesday, 13 September, our gates in Wesel opened for friends, customers and sales partners. A total of almost 70 visitors accepted the invitation to enjoy the event, a great BBQ, and local beverage specialties. Guests traveled from the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and even Norway to get a look behind the scenes as we opened our offices, warehouses, and production facilities for all who were interested in getting a good look. Many were quite surprised to see what we are developing and producing here in Wesel.

Our goal was to network with our customers, to create synergies, and to learn what moves you, potentially leading us to our “next big thing”. The talks were great.

Produktpräsentation beim Firmenevent von AD-SystemsAs promised, there was also something for the ears. We built a small sample from our touring series and provided the possibility to compare systems with each other, sometimes switching out subs. Interestingly, it was often not really clear which sub was currently in operation when comparing the TouringSub15, TouringSub18, and the TouringInfra.

Our conclusion: The atmosphere was great, the conversations even better, and we look forward to a repeat! We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you soon …