Customized sound installation in Krefeld’s Discothek Königsburg

Panorama-Königsburg Main-Area Lautsprecher
Krefeld: The Königsburg has a long integral part of Krefeld’s nightlife. Thanks to the unusual and unique design and interior design, the Königsburg boasts a unique charm that attracts its guests from all over the Ruhrgebiet.

For the best atmosphere of the partying people, designated DJs, who pushed their beats out since the loudspeakers are installed. The manager of the Koenigsburg, Volko Herdick and his event manager Christoph Lüer, wanted already in 2005 no system “off the shelf”, but a solution that sets architecturally, optically and of course also acoustically highlight. Based on spatial elements, we designed the “Modulus System”.

For Georg Rathmann and his team of „Highscan Licht- und Lasertechnik e.K.“ a challenge, but a solvable! The “old hares” have been experiance since 1991 and developed the sound concept with us. The medium high frequency system consists of 4 paths. For the Kickbass a Tripple15″ unit in the crisp-tuned bass reflex housing. In the distortion-poor midrange, a horned 10″ unit and the high and very high tone range form two corresponding compression drivers on ball-wave horns. An incredible sound experience!


Laustsprecherinstallation Main-Area in der Königsbzrg

The sound technology in the Main-Area consists:

4 x AD “Modulus XXL”
6 x AD-B218 Subsystems
8 x AD 6 secondary sound systems
2 x AD DSC 98 Full Digital Crossover EQ Delay Matrix

In 2016, the music system was serviced completely and all drivers were updated. Brand new amplifiers were installed and the system was also  re-calibrated and adapted to the current sound taste of the guests.



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