2fach 12"


  • Specially designed for larger permanent installation
  • Multipurpose halls, sports stadiums and arenas
  • Compact, elegant, highly efficient design
  • FoH, Shower, Balcony

Horn-loaded double 12″ mid-high system

With the i.Stium, we are fulfilling our customers’ wishes to integrate a cost-effective but extremely powerful and lightweight mid-high system into our installation product series. One often encounters sound reinforcement tasks in which, on the one hand, compact systems would not be able to cope. On the other hand, the use of line arrays does not make economic and acoustic sense. In addition, the functionality and design of loudspeakers, e.g. from our touring series, are designed for the rental and event sector and less for installation projects . But now the i.Stium closes this gap and expands our installation loudspeaker series as a particularly powerful alternative especially for larger installation projects!

Like the Stium, the i.Stium is an extremely compact, horn-loaded mid-high system that houses two 12″ neodymium low-mid drivers and a high-resolution 1.4″ high-frequency driver. It is thus able to generate levels beyond 140dB with little distortion. As a pedant speaker to the proven Stium from the touring-series, this system has been fully optimized for the requirements in the installation area: Proven sound system optimized for larger installation projects.

Only 36 kg fighting weight

Its special design helps to achieve a very high broadband efficiency from 100Hz, so that it can be operated with any standard subwoofer. The dispersion of 75×50° (50×75° with rotated horn), the passive separation between low-midrange and treble and a weight of just 36 kg result in an extremely economical and flexible product. In terms of weight, the Stium was given an appropriate diet in its transformation phase to the i.Stium. Features that are indispensable and practical in the touring sector are omitted from the i.Stium. We have revised the housing design, made the front grille lighter and achieved a total weight saving of 10kg. And all this without sacrificing the high-quality components of the well-established Stium.

Passive crossover with phase correction (PPCN technology)

In accordance with a high-performance system in this class, the i.Stium is designed for semi-active operation. A complex, passive 2.5-way crossover ensures that the paths are brought together in the correct phase and the radiation behavior is optimized in a targeted manner. The frequency response correction and protection functions are provided by the impulse system power amplifiers.

The available accessories round off the concept:

• horizontal bracket
• special brackets depending on project
• standard colour: black, similar to RAL 9005
• standard colour: white, similar to RAL 9010
• Optionally available with 100V transformer
• Optional RAL or NCS colors available
• More information about customizing

Special mounting bracket for installation loudspeakers

Doesn’t work, doesn’t exist… Together with you, we also develop special solutions for mounting brackets. Depending on the specification and size, the standard mounting fixtures may not be sufficient. This is what happened with the example of a baseball stadium in Bonn. Here, 24 permanent loudspeakers were planned for the sound reinforcement of the fans. However, the fixed suspension points required complex special brackets. In addition to ten double holders, as can be seen in the picture, there were four other individual holders that we designed and delivered on time. You too can benefit from our many years of experience with major international projects and contact us.

i.Stium – the choice for maximum economy

The i.Stium is the first choice for installations where maximum economy meets high level requirements. Its discreet appearance and easy handling, the low crossover frequency to the subwoofers and an unusual ratio of output to weight make the i.Stium an extraordinarily versatile system.


• Specially designed for fixed installations
• Sports stadiums, multi-purpose halls, FoH


• Double 12″ neodymium low-mid speaker
• 1.4″ neodymium compression driver with 3″ voice coil
• 75×50° CD-Horn rotatable by 90° to get a 50×75°
• Rated protection class IP-54
• Passive crossover with PPCN technology
• 15 mm heavily-braced Baltic birch plywood with waterbased paint

Measurement data

Notes on performance data and graphs:

  1. Performance Specifications: All acoustic specifications rounded to nearest whole number.
    Either AD Impulse DSP Amplifiers or external DSP with provided settings are required to achieve the specified performance.
  2. Frequency response: Range of the processed response, where the level stays within 6dB from nominal sensitivity.
  3. Power Handling: Is based on the AES power handling of the transducers.
  4. Nominal Sensitivity: SPL produced by the unit at 1 Watt at nominal impedance, referenced to 1 Meter.
    Measurement condition: Full space in the far field of the speaker. Time-windowed to approximate an anechoic environment.
  5. Maximum SPL: Calculated from nominal sensitivity at stated peak input power.
  6. Resolution: For better readability a 1/6 octave smoothing is applied to all response graphs shown.
    All data provided are subject to change without prior notice.


Architectural & Engineering Specifications

The professional 2.5-way fullrange installation-loudspeaker system shall incorporate 2x 12 inch neodymium LF transducers and a 1.4 inch neodymium HF compression driver. The LF transducers shall bemounted in a vented enclosure to extend the systems frequency response down to 100Hz. The front sides of the LF transducers shall radiate into a horn with a concentric phase correction device. The HF compression driver shall be coupled to a rotatable 75° (h) x 50° (v) constant directivity BEM horn. The loudspeaker shall withstand short peaks of up to 3,000 Watt generating a maximum sound pressure level of 143 dB. System frequency response shall vary no more than +/-3dB from 100 Hz to 18 kHz measured on axis. The installation-loudspeaker enclosure shall be tappered in shape, constructed of weatherproof Baltic birch plywood and finished in black waterbased coating. Optionally all RAL standard colours shall be available. CAAD simulation data for ULYSSES and EASE suites are available.

Call us for more informations

More speakers from our installation-series

Get an overview of other permanent installation solutions. Of course we are at your side if you have any questions. Up-to-date prices for neodymium installation loudspeakers and the current product catalog are available on request.

15 mm baltic birch plywood with waterbased paint
Protection class IP-54
Basic layout
2.5-way passive, horn and reflex loaded
Protective Grille
1.0 mm sheet steel, hex-stamped, black acoustic foam outside
2x 12″ neodym low mid woofer with 3“ VC
1x 1.4″ neodym compression driver with 3.0“ VC
on 75°x 50° BEM CD-horn
Passive crossover with PPCN technology
Frequency Response
100 Hz–18 kHz +/-3 dB
Power handling RMS | peak
750 W RMS | 3.000 W Peak
Nominal Impedance
6 Ω
Dispersion pattern
75x50° | gedrehtes Horn 50x75°
108 dB Lo-Mids, 111 dB High
143 dB | peak | 1 m
Neutrik Speakon NL4: 1+/1- | cable gland
Dimensions (w x h x d)
45 x 102 x 42 cm
Net Weight
36 kg
Horizontal mounting bracket
Optional 100V ELA transformer
Optional special paint according to RAL & NSC

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