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MöWi Kultur – event hall gets TouringLine Compact

Gemeindesaal-TLC-Lautsprecher© MöWi Kultur


The question that arose when choosing the right loudspeakers in the room, or perhaps better said in the event hall, was the sound reinforcement system that really suited the hall. The 12″ line array module “TouringLine” and its little brother from our company were shortlisted.

The Möriken event hall serves the community and the population as a meeting and cultural hall. It is intended for holding social, entertaining and informative events and exhibitions. With over 600 seats, the large event hall offers enough capacity to fulfill the wishes and concerns of the community. If there hadn’t been the open question of loudspeaker selection. But let’s make it short, because ultimately, the client decided, “the TouringLine would have been too big and distinctive”.

…the eye also listens

So a total of 12 modules of the extremely compact TouringLine Compact loudspeakers were integrated into the hall, complete with flying basses, system electronics and various other loudspeakers. In addition, the TLC was also much clearer and more present in the type of playback content. And to be honest: Its discreet appearance, the good range and the balanced radiation characteristics always make the TouringLine Compact a winner when the performance of the larger TouringLine are not necessary.

Combined with the appropriate 15″ flying basses, which represent the bass extension, the two Line array systems in the hall flown in front of the stage. The depth of the event hall also made a “delay option” necessary. In order to preserve the form and the sound result here too, the Swiss colleagues from “promedias AG ” choose two Magnus Compact loudspeakers and six Picospot’s. Both loudspeaker types have 5″ loudspeakers and 1″ compression drivers and deliver an outstanding result to the last row of seats in the hall.

If you are interested in culture and good sound and just happen to be in the Möriken-Wildegg area. Then stop by the community hall or explore the current game schedule today.

Kultur Möriken-Wildegg
Dorfstrasse 1
5103 Möriken-Wildegg (CH)
Phone +41 62 887 11 11

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