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BBC Arena Handball Stadium – Goal shot with iFlex15

© BBC Arena Handball Stadium, Schaffhausen

The BBC Arena has not only achieved a high level of awareness in a very short time thanks to the performances of the “Kadetten Schaffhausen” handball club, it also has a well-planned infrastructure and therefore an excellent room concept.

The operator thus offers various rooms that can be individually coordinated depending on the event. The different room concepts make it possible to use the BBC Arena for a wide variety of occasions. Thanks to the built-in 15-inch loudspeakers from AD-Systems, the multi-purpose hall also offers an excellent sound concept. When planning the sound reinforcement, our Swiss partner and distributor from promedias AG used the established fixed installation speaker type iFlex 15.1. This 2-way full-range speaker is equipped with a direct radiating 15″ neodymium low-mid speaker and 1″ compression driver with rotatable CD horn. It is therefore ideal for sound reinforcement applications where distances of up to approx. 30 meters have to be bridged. In addition, the loudspeaker does not require a controller due to its linear tuning.


Operations Manager BBC Arena
Mr.David Graubner

Phone: +41 (0)52 644 54 42
Mo. to Fr. 08:00-12:00am, 01:30-06:00pm
Sa. & So. office is closed

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