drinks, food and Picospots in Boilerroom - Sulzer Werke - AD-Systems AD-Systems

drinks, food and Picospots in Boilerroom – Sulzer Werke

Blick auf das Wandlogo in der Boiler-Room Bar von oben

“Welcome to the former boilerroom of the Sulzer factory”… where the Sulzer area’s heating center used to operate, the heat is still going strong today: And right in the middle of the party are our high-performance speakers of the PicoSpot type and other installation speakers. Today the old boiler room is a bar & lounge with industrial charm, stylish interior and – thanks to the Promedias team, a location with a special sound.

At the beginning of the last century, the Sulzer brothers built a large industrial district in the immediate vicinity of Winterthur’s old town, which, beyond the industrial area, played a significant role in shaping the city with factory villas and workers’ settlements. The boiler house, which with its 53 feet high chimneys is the tallest building and at the same time the entrance portal to the Sulzer area, was previously responsible for supplying energy to the entire Sulzer factory as a heating center.

“The well-thought-out sound system concept and the high quality of the speakers were essential for precise sound reproduction in the high rooms of the boiler room.”

(Chris Steiger – CEO and founder promedias AG)

The use of AD-Systems loudspeakers was considered particularly important in promedias AG’s sound system concept. In conjunction with the PicoSpots, the i.Flex18B subwoofer and the 10″ installation speakers of the i.Flex 10 type, the high-performance speakers fulfill their complex sound reinforcement task in the large-volume catering space. The boiler room has at least 120 seats, a spacious bar and the cozy lounges. Concerts and seminars were also successfully held in the high rooms after the installation was completed. It is pleasing that the Swiss colleagues once again resorted to the installation series and the sound result, but also the sound experience in practice, is extremely positive. But maybe you’d rather see for yourself soon and stop by the Boilerroom…


More informations and contakt:
Im Kesselhaus
Zürcherstraße 1+3
8400 Winterthur (CH)

Phone: +41 (0)52 203 31 49
Web: https://www.boilerroom.ch


Wandlogo der Boiler-Room Bar flankiert von Picospots

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