The PicoSpot is a 5 inch coaxial loudspeaker and is suitable for stage noise, conferences and fixed installations


  • • Nearfill, under balconies
  • • Very compact main system
  • • Fixed installations
  • • Conference rooms
  • • TV Stations

5″ Coaxial Loudspeaker

Have you ever asked yourself where the limits of possibility lie? How small could an enclosure be without making cuts in the sound quality? Well, here is our answer: the PicoSpot.

Reducing the enclosure size to a minimum was made possible by using concept proven in our TouringWedge, a coaxial transducer. In this case, a 5″ speaker built in a sealed enclosure to expand its application. But what do we do with the heat inside if we power the speaker at 800 Watts peak? After being asked if so much power is possible, we wanted to deliver, and we did.

Using a CNC milled aluminum horn creates perfect dispersion and is also a heatsink, removing heat from the enclosure. The 5″ special coax driver enables the Picospot to be used down to 100 Hz, delivering a much more powerful sound than one would expect from its size.

Supported by Beyma

We have been supported on the development of this small marvel of technology from our passionate friends from Beyma. Together with the guys from our R&D, it took 2 years and a lot of testing to get the heart of the Picospot beating.

Here it is, a small, black and inconspicuous piece of audio technology. It is so compact that you can use it perfectly as a stage near fill, at conferences, fashion shows, tradeshows and anywhere that the highest audio quality and most compact dimensions are required. For the best reliability, performance, tonal balance and ease of use we recommend our AD-Systems DSP and amplifiers.


• Very compact main system
• Near fill, under balconies
• Fixed installations
• Conference rooms, TV Stations


• 5″ coaxial neodymium low mid woofer
• 1″ Neodymium compression driver with 1.7″ voice coil on 90° circular horn
• Robust multiplex housing with high texture finish, 55° wedge angle
• Rated protection class IP-54
• Passive Crossover with PPCN technology
• Colour: Black, similar RAL 9005 (Polyurea)
• Colour: White, similar RAL 9010 (Warnex)
• Optional colours: RAL or NCS
• Connectors: Neutrik Speakon NL4 or 2-way clamp connection

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Get an overview of other AD-Systems commercial loudspeakers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Actual prices for the PicoSpot and product catalog are available on request.

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12 mm birch plywood with Polyurea coating
55° wedge angle
Basic layout
2-Way coaxial, passive, closed box
Protective Grille
1.5 mm sheet steel, hex-stamped, black acoustic foam on inside
5″ coaxial Neodym low mid woofer
1″ Neodym compression driver with 1.7″ voice coil
on 90° circular horn
Passive Crossover with PPCN technology
Frequency Response
100 Hz–19 kHz +/-3 dB
Power handling RMS | peak
175 W RMS | 700 W Peak
Nominal Impedance
16 Ω
Dispersion pattern
90° radial
91 dB
119 dB | peak | 1 m
Neutrik Speakon NL4: 1+/1- or 2-way clamp connection
Dimensions (w x h x d)
155 x 165 x 155 mm
net weight
3 kg

PS – L-Bracket, black

Loudspeaker mounting L-Bracket with M10 x 30 screw  for installation. Order number: 7011000817

PS – L-Bracket, black

Loudspeaker mounting L-Bracket with tommy screw. Order number: 7011000194

PS – L-Bracket, white

Loudspeaker mounting L-Bracket with  M10 x 30 screw for installation. Order number: 7011000107

Demetrius Archontakis:
The Pico and Pico subsystem will blow you away! So much power and clarity in such a small system. A game changer.
Stefan Molderings:
Hello, I borrowed two Pico Spot speakers from a friend for my small garden party (no rock'n roll due to Corona). With a hidden 15 cm subwoofer and a cut-off at 150 Hz, I amazed the guests. It sounds incredibly clear and is a lot of fun. The size is not in proportion to the sound, but it's a shame that you can't take photos of the sound, unfortunately I have to bring it back tomorrow.

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