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The city of Herne celebrates its 125th anniversary with TouringLine

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125 years ago, in 1897, the city of Herne was granted city rights. This anniversary was extensively celebrated from June 17th to 18th, 2022 with numerous events and activities. A special highlight awaited the visitors on Friday and Saturday in front of the Herner town hall, on Friedrich-Ebert-Platz. In addition to many artists from Herne, the DJ-Duo Ofenbach from Paris performed as a top act on June 18th.

Numerous institutions were involved in designing the program for the festival. Including the crew of Norbert and Jano Menzel, our partner from LM:V Eventservice Herne. Years of experience and the high quality standard of the company contributed to the fact that the organizers of the city of Herne once again relied on this professional and competent partner for event service. The 10x8m stage, pyrotechnics, sound and light were all “handled” by the Herner team. After such a great big event from “Jano”, we at AD naturally wanted to know what was special about the sound technology from his point of view:

“Around 5,000 people celebrated the city anniversary of Herne on the town hall square on both days. We used the TouringLine sound system from AD. As expected, a great sound pattern! Especially during the French DJ duo “Ofenbach”, who demanded a level of 98 dbA at the FoH (65m), I was surprised at how busy the system was showed strength.” (Jano Menzel)

DJ Duo Ofenbach in Herne 125 Stadt-Jubiläum

The following sound systems were used at the 125th city anniversary:

  • 24x Touringline (2x 12er)
  • 24x Touringsub 18 (4x cardioid subwoofer array)
  • 4x Magnus 12 as frontfill
  • 2x Touringinfra
  • 2x Touringwedge 12 and DJ monitore
  • 4x LAB.Gruppen 12k44
  • 3x LAB.Gruppen 20k44

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