About us - The philosophy of an company that loves audio - AD-Systems

Our philosophy

Audio products have to work properly and reliably, day after day, year after year. Whether your in the touring, rental or installation market; the sound quality, functionality, design and the economical aspects must fit.

Is that asking too much? No, definitely not! Is getting it right exhausting, time consuming and work-intensive? Most definitely, but that‘s what we do… and we love it!

Quality and professional competence

Constant ongoing research and development, high quality components, precision manufacturing, and excellent customer care and support… we’ve got it all.   As a full-service provider, we offer our customers professional audio products, advanced training and seminars, and we are always available with answers and solutions. Talk to us and become part of the AD-Systems community.

We look forward to meeting you.
Sven Haferkamp and Oliver Pattay

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