The Stium is an extremely powerful medium high frequency system and can be used as an FOH solution for 300 to 3,000 people


  • • FOH system for audiences of 300 - 3,000 people
  • • Sidefill / Outfill / Infill / Drumfill for big stages
  • • Fixed installation
  • • highly efficient, fully horn loaded loudspeaker system
  • • fully usable from 100Hz upwards, SPLmax >140dB

Double 12″ Fullrange Loudspeaker

With the release of the AD-Systems Stium we satisfy our customers demand for a compact, very powerful horn loaded MF/HF loudspeaker system well-suited to the day-to-day needs of the rental business. The Stium closes the gap between compact systems and line arrays and is the right choice when high SPL is necessary, but the use of a line array is economically or acoustically inappropriate.… and it does away with lots of negative attributes associated with traditional horn designs.

The AD-Systems Stium is a very compact, horn loaded fullrange loudspeaker system incorporating two 12″ neodymium low-mid speakers and a high resolution 1.4″ high frequency compression driver. Thanks to its acoustic design, it is capable of generating sound pressure levels in excess of 140dB with low distortion. Compared to traditional designs this unit reaches a very low cutoff  frequency of 100Hz and so can be used together with any common subwoofer system. Its nominal coverage pattern is 75° x 50°, but the high frequency horn is rotatable by 90° to get a 50° x 75° pattern. The loudspeaker incorporates a passive crossover and has a net weight of just 42 kilograms – features which make the Stium a highly economic and flexible product.

Designed for semi-active operation

Corresponding with a high-performance system of this class, the AD-Systems Stium a semi-active system. A complex passive 2.5-way crossover provides phase coherent combination of both ways as well as a specifically-optimized coverage pattern, while equalization and speaker protection is provided by the AD-Systems DSP amplifiers. That’s why powering the Stium requires only one amplifier channel.

The handling of the slender, polyurea coated enclosure is pleasantly easy due to the well-placed handles on both sides. The available accessories round the system’s concept perfectly off. The Quick-Rig flying bar is mounted within seconds and enables easy set up due to the optimally matched pivot point. The detachable front board as well as the padded transport cover protect from dirt and rough handling effectively.

First choice with maximum profitability

The Stium is the preferred choice for applications where maximum profitability meets high sound pressure requirements. Its shape, ease of use, low crossover capability and its remarkable output-to-weight ratio make it a uniquely versatile system.


• FOH system for audiences of 300 – 3,000 people
• Sidefill / Outfill / Infill / Drumfill for big stages
• Fully usable from 100Hz upwards, SPLmax >140dB
• Highly efficient, fully horn loaded loudspeaker system


• Double 12″ Neodymium low mid woofer with 3″ voice coil
• 1.4″ Neodymium compression driver with 3″ voice coil
• Rated protection class IP-54
• 15 mm heavily-braced Baltic birch plywood with Polyurea coating
• Passive Crossover with PPCN technology

Measurement Data

Measurement data from STiUM loudspeaker - Processed frequency response and impedanz

Notes on performance data and graphs:

  1. Performance Specifications: All acoustic specifications rounded to nearest whole number.
    Either AD Impulse DSP Amplifiers or external DSP with provided settings are required to achieve the specified performance.
  2. Frequency response: Range of the processed response, where the level stays within 6dB from nominal sensitivity.
  3. Power Handling: Is based on the AES power handling of the transducers.
  4. Nominal Sensitivity: SPL produced by the unit at 1 Watt at nominal impedance, referenced to 1 Meter.
    Measurement condition: Full space in the far field of the speaker. Time-windowed to approximate an anechoic environment.
  5. Maximum SPL: Calculated from nominal sensitivity at stated peak input power.
  6. Resolution: For better readability a 1/6 octave smoothing is applied to all response graphs shown.
    All data provided are subject to change without prior notice.


Architectural & Engineering Specifications

The professional 2.5-way fullrange loudspeaker system shall incorporate 2x 12 inch neodymium LF transducers and a 1.4 inch neodymium HF compression driver. The LF transducers shall bemounted in a vented enclosure to extend the systems frequency response down to 100Hz. The front sides of the LF transducers shall radiate into a horn with a concentric phase correction device. The HF compression driver shall be coupled to a rotatable 75° (h) x 50° (v) constant directivity BEM horn. The loudspeaker shall withstand short peaks of up to 3,000 Watt generating a maximum sound pressure level of 143 dB. System frequency response shall vary no more than +/-3dB from 100 Hz to 18 kHz measured on axis. The loudspeaker enclosure shall be tappered in shape, constructed of weatherproof Baltic birch plywood and finished in black Polyurea coating. Optionally all RAL standard colours shall be available. The loudspeaker components shall be protected by a powder coated grille made of hex-stamped sheet steel and internally attached acoustic foam in appropriate colour. Flexible and easy to use rigging hardware made of T6 aluminium and steel shall be provided. Suspended application shall be possible with a separately available flying bracket. CAAD simulation data for ULYSSES and EASE suites shall be available. The loudspeaker system shall be the AD-Systems STiUM.

Optional features:
Pan-tilt flying bracket
Padded transport cover
Front board, optionally w/ 100mm swivel castors, non-chalking
Special colours: all standard RAL and NCS colours

Technical specifications:
Acoustical design: Point source, passive loudspeaker, 2.5-way, horn loaded, bass reflex tuned
Components: 2x 12“ low-mid woofer w/ 3“ voice coil / 1.4“ HF driver w/ 3“ voice coil
Power handling (nominal): 750 W
Power handling (programme): 1,500 W
Power handling (peak): 3,000 W
Nominal sensitivity: 108 dB (100Hz – 1,4kHz), 111 dB (1,4kHz-10kHz)
Maximum sound pressure level: 143 dB
Frequency response: 100 Hz – 18 kHz
Nominal coverage pattern (h x v): 75° x 50° rotable
Nominal impedance: 6 Ohm

Enclosure: 15mm Baltic birch plywood, tappered shape, Polyurea coated
Protective grille: hex-stamped sheet steel, powder coated
Rigging hardware: T6 aluminium and steel, anodised black
Connectors: 3x Neutrik NL4 Speakon
Front design: Acoustic foam in appropriate colour behind the grille
Dimensions (W x H x D): 450 x 1020 x 420 mm
Net weight: 43 kg

CAAD simulation data: ULYSSES, EASE
Brand: AD-Systems
Model: STiUM

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More speakers from our Touring series

Get an overview of other AD-Systems commercial loudspeaker. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Current prices for the Stium and the current product catalog are available on request.

• Product overview of our Touring speaker

15 mm baltic birch plywood with Polyurea coating
AD-Systems loudspeakers are rated protection class IP-54
Basic layout
2.5-Way passive, horn and reflex loaded
Protective Grille
2.0 mm sheet steel, hex-stamped, black acoustic foam on inside
2x 12″ Neodym low mid woofer with 3“ VC
1x 1.4″ Neodym compression driver with 3.0“ VC
on 75°x 50° BEM CD-Horn
Passive Crossover with PPCN technology
Frequency Response
100 Hz–18 kHz +/-3 dB
Power handling RMS | peak
750 W RMS | 3.000 W Peak
Nominal Impedance
6 Ω
Dispersion pattern
75° x 50° constant coverage
108 dB Lo-Mids, 111 dB High
143 dB | peak | 1 m
Neutik Speakon NL4: 1+/1-
Dimensions (w x h x d)
45 x 102 x 42 cm
Net Weight
45 kg
Technical drawing of the STIUM loudspeaker system

ST – Padded Cover

Padded loudspeaker cover (Polyester) with AD-System imprint. Order number: 7011000820

ST – Vertical Bracket

Vertical mounting bracket for loudspeaker systems. Weight: 11.5 kg. Order number: 7011000818

ST – Front Protector

The transport cover protects the loudspeaker grille during transport and assembly. The cover is equipped with butterfly clasps and can be securely connected to the housing. Also available as wheelboard with "blue wheel" swivel castors. Order number: 7011000819

Bernard Sfeir (CEO) 360degrees Ltd. Lebanon:
Our Favorite Since 2013. Stium was the best FOH top for our medium size events, great coverage & spl for and area of 30 x 30m for around 300 to 500 persons. Live bands or Djs this unique point source will do the best performance compared to same... from other international Brands.
2 x Stium
4 x Touring Subs 18
1 x k14
1 x nt4 dsp
Will do 90% of your Jobs if you are looking for the same number of persons and surface.
The k14 amp. perform for a long period of time with the same result from the start till the end of the event. No Distortion at all even after 16 hrs of full power. Stium can be ground stacked, Flown on stand or on truss, fast setup, less time, the system mentioned is a plug and play with no need of tuning in case the room acoustics and rt are normal. The Best System to enjoy your ears with high spl, a reasonable price. you will enjoy making money from the rental of this system.