The NT4-DSP controller has 4 balanced inputs and 4 outputs as well as Dante Audio


  • • 4 in 4out DSP with matrix routing
  • • Analog, Digital Inputs
  • • Dante™ Audio
  • • Presets for all AD-Systems products on board
  • • Peak + RMS Limiting
  • • FIR FIlter
  • • Future-upgradeable

NT4-DSP System controller

With four fully balanced inputs and four balanced outputs, the NT4-DSP offers increased flexibility. It is designed to operate at a native sampling rate of 96 kHz with 24 bit converters on the inputs and outputs, to give a bandwidth of over 30 kHz and a dynamic range in excess of 115 dB.

The processing of each output is to be loaded independently. The following processing blocks are in the outputs:

  • 12 Band vollparametrischer EQ
  • X-Over Sektion
  • Peak + RMS Limiter
  • 1000 Taps FIR Filter
  • Pegelstellung
  • Delay 500 msec

In the entrances there are:

  • Routingmatrix
  • Pegelstellung
  • Delay 500 msec
  • 10 Vollparametrische Bänder

4x analog in, 4x AES/EBU in and inputs via Dante are available as inputs.


  • FIR Filter
  • Peak + RMS limiting
  • Dante Audio on Board
  • Analog, Digital Inputs
  • 4in 4out DSP with matrix routing
  • Open Edit Architecture for custom setups
  • Presets for all AD-Systems products on board
  • “embedded network switch” with 4 implemented RJ45/EtherCon connections

Of course, all setups for AD-Systems loudspeakers are available or can be supplemented comfortably by firmware update when new products are released. In addition, custom setups are possible, which the user can edit for his own applications.
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Number of Channels
4in - 4 out, 4x Analog in, 4 x AES/EBU in, Dante™
Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz
Dynamic Range, inputs
Dynamic Range, outputs
Maximum Input Level
+20 dBu
Operating Voltage
90-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
30W maximum
Dimensions ( H x W x D)
483mm (19“), 44m (1U)

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