TouringWedge 15

The TouringWedge15 is a coaxial monitor with 15" ND coaxial drivers and 1.4" ND compression drivers for musicians and sound engineers


  • • High-performance stage monitor
  • • Side fill monitoring for small and medium sized stages
  • • Expandable with subs to form a compact front PA
  • • Low profile shape for discreet appearance
  • • Coaxial design for perfectly symmetrical coverage pattern

15″ Coaxial Stage Monitor

“A wedge does not have to sound nice, it has to be loud!” We refuse to be satisfied with and to accept this quite outdated “wisdom”, and so we started the development of our wedges with a blank sheet of paper.

What makes a good wedge?

It should be lightweight, have a smooth, even frequency response, and offer dynamic impact.  It should have an ideal and predictable directional dispersion behavior… and of course, it should look great! We did it – without compromises. Introducing the AD-Systems TouringWedge. Loud, clear, and honest. A true monitor. The fact that, in addition to their technical finesse, look just gorgeous, is surely nothing anyone will hold against us.

First choice for uncompromising monitor sound

The AD-Systems TouringWedge 15 is a high-performance monitor wedge incorporating coaxial 15″/3.5″ transducers – the best choice for excellent stage monitor sound. Exceptionally clear and outstanding vocal reproduction, rich lows, crisp and detailed highs all within an aesthetic and elegant appearance.  Its linear tuned response and optimized coverage pattern ensure highest possible feedback resistance and maximum impact on stage.

The 3.5″ voice coils on the low frequency transducers are a perfect for reproducing high-power transients. The high frequency unit is equipped with a large circular horn flare ensuring precise directional behavior, considerably reducing the traditional disadvantages of coaxial design.

Easy handling, natural reproduction, precisely defined dispersion for highest possible gain before feedback, functional and elegant design qualify the AD-Systems TouringWedge as a professional working platform for every artist and technician.


• High-performance 15″ stage monitor
• Side fill monitoring small and medium sized stages
• Expandable with subs to form a compact front PA


• 15″ coaxial neodymium low mid woofer with 3.5″ voice coil
• 1.4″ neodymium compression driver with 2.5″ voice coil
• Passive Crossover with PPCN technology
• Rated protection class IP-54
• 2 Neutrik Speakon NL4 Anschlüsse
• Elegant design, compact dimensions, low weight, 55° wedge angle

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More speakers from our Touring series

Get an overview of other AD-Systems high-performance speakers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Current prices for 15″ stage monitor and the current product catalog are available on request.

• Product overview of our Touring loudspeakers

15 mm birch plywood with Polyurea coating, 55° wedge angle
AD-Systems loudspeakers are rated protection class IP-54
Basic layout
2-Way coaxial, passive, bass reflex
Protective Grille
2.0 mm sheet steel, hex-stamped, black acoustic foam on inside
15″ Coaxial Neodym low mid woofer with 3.5″ voice coil
1.4″ Neodym compression driver with 2.5&Prime
voice coil on 60° circular horn
Passive Crossover with PPCN technology
Frequency Response
65 Hz–18 kHz +/-3 dB
Power handling RMS | peak
600 W RMS | 2,400 W Peak
Nominal Impedance
8 Ω
Dispersion pattern
60° circular
100 dB
134 dB (peak) @ 1m
2 Neutrik Speakon NL4: 1+/1-
Dimensions (w x h x d)
59 x 35 x 52 cm
net weight
24 kg

TW15 – Double Flight Case

Double Case for safe transport and storage of two loudspeakers. Order number: 7011000851

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