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175 years of hotel tradition meets sound innovation

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Located in the heart of Zurich and in the middle of a park, the historic 5-star luxury hotel “Baur au Lac” welcomes its guests with a view of Lake Zurich and the Alps. The privileged location, its stylish rooms & suites, the award-winning gastronomy and the incomparable service inspire guests from all over the world. The Baur au Lac has set the standard in the Swiss luxury hotel industry and to this day enjoys the reputation of being one of the best hotels in the world.

Our Picospot also sets a standard in the world of loudspeakers. This 5″ special coaxial driver, usable from 80 Hz and with a sound that is not consistent with the small size of this speaker. The development of this innovative loudspeaker was supported by our passionate and detail-loving colleague from Spain: Beyma. Together with your colleagues from development you have dedicated yourself to this project and for almost 2 years you have made many attempts to let the heart of the PicoSpot beat so perfectly.

The fact that this speaker finds its way into the world of luxury hotels is therefore not really surprising given its sound. But above all we owe it to our colleagues from promedias AG in Oberhasli. The Swiss guys have been using our product range for years and so our Magnus Compact were also installed in addition to the Picospot. A dual 5″ high performance speaker that fills the gap between the Magnus12 and the Picospot. Wherever maximum acoustic efficiency and compact dimensions are required, this loudspeaker is the first choice.

And even the smallest loudspeaker from our installation product range was installed in the hotel. The 3.5″ broadband installation loudspeaker called i.Sotto is of its kind rather reserved, but always with a self-confident sound! The term “sotto” comes from “sotto voce” in Italian and means something like half-loud, with a muffled voice. And we think that these qualities fit wonderfully into the 175-year tradition of “Baur au Lac”


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