TouringLine Compact

The TouringLine Compact Line Array speaker is scalable up to 12 modules in the setup and has BGV C1 certification


  • • FOH system for audiences of 500-5,000 people
  • • Sidefill / Outfill for large stages
  • • Fixed installation
  • • Scalable up to 16 elements
  • • Very compact, elegant and light weight design

Double 6.5″ Line-Array Module

The TouringLine Compact extends applicability of line array technology to fields, in which a discreet appearance, good throw range and even coverage is demanded, but the extreme output of the larger TouringLine is not necessary. The result is a loudspeaker system which offers the great handling of the TouringLine, but occupies only half of the volume and weight. Its sonic quality predestines the TouringLine Compact for theatre, cinema and TV studios, but due to its great performance, use for “a little louder” concerts and dance events is also possible.

The TouringLine Compact incorporates two 6.5″ neodymium low mid speakers and one 1.4″ neodymium high frequency compression driver in an extremely compact, Polyurea-coated enclosure. The physical spacing of the sources has been optimized such that a very homogeneous directivity pattern is achieved. The two low mid speakers flank the high frequency wave guide at both sides and are coupled to the surrounding via short horn flares and phase plugs. This reduces the spacing of the virtual sources to an absolute minimum, adds some sensitivity, and optimizes the crossover frequency.

The high frequency wave guide has been designed using the latest BEM (boundary element method) techniques and generates a planar wave front up to 16 kHz. In keeping with the TouringLineCompact’s field of application, a module splay of up to 15° is possible. Its ultra-compact, latest generation 1.4″ neodymium compression driver offers the necessary headroom with ease. Both ways are combined in correct phase through a complex, passive crossover network.

Due to the 12 Ohms nominal system impedence, up to 6 modules can be powered with one amplifier channel. Our AD-Systems DSP and amplifiers offer all necessary signal processing, ensuring maximum operational safety and first class sound quality.

BGV C1 certification for up to 20modules

As with the TouringLine also the TouringLine Compact uses the proven and excellently to handle „Quick-Rig“ system. The rigging of the less than 15 kilogrammes weighting modules can be done by a single person. By applying highly loadable T6 almuminium hardware it was possible to certify the safe rigging of up to 20modules according to the strict BGV C1 requirements. For easy and secure transportation an optional Tour case is offered, which carries up to four elements including a rigging bumper. The Tour case’s outer dimensions fit the Euro-Pallet standard trucking grid.

Ease GLL. file download
With our loudspeaker data and Ease Focus 2 software, coverage of the TouringLine Compact Modules as well as our other systems can be quickly simulated and rigging can be determined with great reliability.
GLL File available.

For optimal operation, the use of AD-Systems’ DSP and amplifiers are recommended. All necessary setups are on board, all relevant and appropriate parameters are set within seconds.



• FOH system for audiences of 500-5,000 people
• Sidefill / Outfill for large stages
• Fixed installation
• Scalable up to 20 elements
• Very compact, elegant, highly efficient design


• 2x 6.5″ Neodymium low mid woofer
• 1x 1.4″ Neodymium compression driver
• Power handling: 400 Watts RMS | 1,600 Watts Peak
• Rated protection class IP-54
• Passive Phase Correction Network (PPCN Technology)
• 3 Neutrik Speakon NL4 connectors

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Get an overview of our other commercial loudspeakers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Actual prices for the Line-Array loudspeaker and current product catalog are available on request.

• Product overview of our Touring product series

Baltic birch plywood with Polyurea coating
AD-Systems loudspeakers are rated protection class IP-54
Basic layout
2-Way passive, bass reflex tuning
Protective Grille
2.0 mm sheet steel, hex-stamped, black acoustic foam on insideer
2x 6.5″ Neodym low mid woofer
1.4″ Neodym compression driver with 2.5&Prime
VC on BEM DoubleV waveformer
Passive Phase Correction Network (PPCN Technology)
Frequency Response
90 Hz–17 kHz +/-3 dB
Power handling RMS | peak
400 W RMS | 1.600 W Peak
Nominal Impedance
12 Ω
Dispersion pattern
90° x 15°
95 dB Lo-Mids, 109 dB High
127 dB | peak | 1 m, 1 Element
3 Neutrik Speakon NL4: 1+/1-
Dimensions (w x h x d)
50 x 21 x 36 cm
net weight
14 kg
Laser Inclinometer
Technical drawing TLC with TLCB
Circuit diagram TLC with K6 amplifier and subwoofer
Schaltschema TLC K6 amplifier und Subwoofer
Drawing side view double bass with 6 TLC modules

TLC – Rigging Frame Extended

This rigging frame is for extended use with an flown bass. Order number: 7011000881

TLC – Rigging Frame Light

This light rigging frame allows flying of up to 20 speaker and is certified according to BGV C1. For flown sub usage you need the Extended Frame Order number: 7011000808

TLC – Quad Flightcase

Extremely robust transport box for 4 loudspeaker modules including toolbox and recording of the rigging frame. Order number: 7011000807

TLC – Tripod Frame

Tripod Frame to use max 3 TLC speaker on a pole or for usage in Groundstack. Order number: 7011000869

TLC – Ball Lock Pin 30/8mm (rear)

Ball Lock Pin 30mm for connecting the speaker-modules. One piece per unit. Order number: 7011000

TLC – Ball Lock Pin 20/8mm (front)

Front Ball Lock Pin 30mm for connecting the modules. Two pieces are required per loudspeaker. Order number: 7011000833

LAP-TEQ Inclinometer

LAP-TEQ Inclinometer

Use the LAP-TEQ Inclinometer to measure the inclination of a Line-Array. It consists of the LAP-TEQ sensor module and the LAP-TEQ display module. The sensor module containst a laser to show the endpostion of the array. Display Unit - Order number: 7011000162 Sensor Unit - Order number: 7011000163

TL(C) – Bumper Riglink

TL(C) – Bumper Riglink

The Bumper Riglink makes it possible to fly 20 TL-modules as well as TLC-modules and is certified to BGV C1. Order number: 7100000413

TL(C) – Riglink M12

TL(C) – Riglink M12

This Riglink with M12 thread allows you to fly 4x TL-modules or 6x TLC-modules. Order number: 7100000919

Jano Menzel (LMV Veranstaltungsservice Herne):
The TouringLine Compact is the ideal tool for smaller sound systems. Due to its low weight, handling the TLC is super comfortable and easy. Despite its size, the TLC offers a very astonishing output and provides a clean and dynamic sound even at higher levels. The reversible socket saves 50% cabling and makes assembly and disassembly even faster. The cases also offer enough storage space for accessories, so you always have everything right where you need it.

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