Flex-Series - Mobile high performance speakers powered by AD-Systems

Mobile Loudspeakers

The products of the Flex Series are versatile and innovative audio tools for professionals and zealous users. All mid-high units have been constructed with asymmetrical enclosures, and they are able to be used as monitor and FoH speakers. The horns of the Flex-Series have been newly developed, and they have perfect physical properties. They combine square angles, precise directivity and very low distortion. They are the basis for very high speech intelligibility.

Portable Loudspeakers for ambitious musicians

All models are equipped with neodymium components, which mean they have a massive weight advantage over conventional speakers. There are assembly points on the bottom of Flex8 on which one can mount additional accessories. The Flex8 and Flex15 are equipped with 2 NL4 connectors on the rear and 2 NL4 on the bottom. The Flex12 is equipped with 2 NL4 on the rear, with one on the top and one on the bottom. The special design of the Flex12 enables four handles to be integrated into the enclosure. The Flex12 has an extremely low sight line, symmetrical enclosure and very low weight.

The subs in the Flex-Series are very compact, high-performance mobile loudspeakers, and are the perfect companion for the Flex-Series mid-high units. The Flex15B subwoofer are an high impulse, acoustical optimized enclosure constructions, and feature M20 pole mounting on the top as well as ergonomic handles.

Our Flex Loudspeaker Series:

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Detailed information, downloads and data sheets for our mobile loudspeakers can be found on their respective product pages. Customer support is very important for us – please contact us with any questions. We would be pleased to send you our catalog as well as the current price list or submit an individual offer for your sound project.

About AD-Systems:

Because we love music, good sound and emotions, we established our “sound factory” in 2001. Since 2009, we have been developing and producing our sound systems in Wesel, Germany and distributing worldwide. Our high-performance speakers must always work precisely on point and perform reliably. It is important to us that all systems are tuned in sound and function, design and profitability – the result being satisfied customers.

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