Speaker customizing - special colors, mounting brackets from AD-Systems

Customization – special colors, custom-made products, mounting brackets and more

We at AD-Systems not only produce high-performance loudspeaker systems in series, we have also been fulfilling individual customer requirements for many years, realizing one-off products and actively supporting complex projects.

Customizing, or as Wikipedia so aptly explains, is the term for adapting a series product to the needs of a customer. Customizing is in our blood and is very trendy! Because in addition to any color and type of housing paintwork, tricky outdoor installations including custom-made products, there are also specific requirements for the transmission technology or for tailor-made special mounting systems that we implement for our customers.

Special mounting bracket for installation loudspeakers

Isn’t possible, doesn’t exist for us… At least that seems to be Oliver Pattay’s guiding principle. As managing director and innovative mind and designer, he also develops the mounting brackets for the loudspeakers for larger installations, if required. Using the example of a fixed installation in a baseball stadium in Bonn, 24 of our i.Flex10 loudspeakers were planned to provide sound for the fans. In addition to the ten double brackets, as shown in the picture, there were also four other single speaker mounts for the masts from AD-Systems, which were quickly and easily supplied.

High-end speakers with 100 volt technology

Not all of our customers always need 230 volts. And so it often happens that we have to equip our speaker systems with an additional transformer. ELA technology is the keyword here, because in these systems the audio signals are usually transmitted almost loss-free via longer lines using 100-volt technology and are only adapted to the impedance of the loudspeaker directly at the loudspeaker by a transformer. Some of our loudspeaker models such as the popular i.Stium, Touring Stick and the Magnus Compact (other systems on request) are quite often converted at the factory for these purposes.

Special colors according to the RAL and NCS color system

Color up your life – or in other words: We give your speaker an individual coat of paint. It doesn’t always have to be black and white! Thanks to the standardized RAL and NSC color tones, the desired color of your future speaker can be precisely communicated without having to hand over a color sample. The color systems mentioned are systems used worldwide, each of which includes a palette of standardized colors. Each color is assigned a unique number. And the best thing about our loudspeaker painting service: Short delivery times despite special colors. We work “hand in hand” with professional painters from the area and can meet short-term delivery dates. Special versions with a high-gloss finish or for outdoor use are also implemented according to customer specifications.

Clamp connection versus Speakon NL4

It goes without saying that we only use high-quality components in our loudspeakers, and that we only use branded products. This can also be seen in the example of the connector panels. Here we don’t use cheap Chinese goods but rely on renowned suppliers such as Neutrik AG. Neutrik is a Liechtenstein-based company that develops and manufactures high-quality connectors for event technology. However, the fact that these connections sometimes have to be exchanged for traditional clamp connections at the customer’s request does not break our hearts – we are once again fulfilling another customer request.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a custom-made product for a lounge bar, disco or baseball stadium.

With us you get everything from a single source and competent advice! Just talk to us.

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