Bigger Rigs, Bigger Gigs - Skånevik Bluesfestival with Linearrays by AD-Systems

Bigger Rigs, Bigger Gigs

Norway’s White Productions is growing! In spring of 2018, White Productions took delivery of 18 elements of AD-Systems’ TouringLine to meet the demands of this year’s festival season. “We have been doing festivals with around 2,000 people for years now with 20 elements of TouringLine Compact. It always sounded great, but for these larger festivals, we needed a bit more SPL” said Owner and General Manger, Stig Halleracker.

“The TouringLine has taken us to a new level.” Stig Halleracker

White Productions’ 2018 calendar included the Skånevik Blues Festival, featuring Jeff Beck, the Silda Jazz Festival, Den Festivalen i Vangen, and the very popular Karmoygeddon metal festival. 2018 was White Productions’ first time powering the Skaanevik Blues Festival, and the festival director was so pleased, that White Productions has already been awarded the contract for 2019. The 2019 Skånevik Bluesfestival will be even larger, requiring us to provide for a listening area 50 meters longer than this year.

“We’ve already begun a shopping list for late 2018, which includes 6 more TouringLine elements, 4 more TouringInfras, and 2 more TouringSub18s.” When asked what makes his system sounds so great, Halleracker points to two factors: his System Engineer, Thomas Honningsvåg, and the performance of AD-Systems’ TouringSeries loudspeakers:

“I’m not exactly sure what Thomas did, but once he got the system dialed-in, it sounded amazing.
I was smiling the whole weekend.”- Stig Halleracker

White Productions’ 2018 Festival setup:
• 18x Elements TouringLine
• 8x TouringInfra Subs
• 8x TouringSub18
• Side Fill: Stium
• Stage Monitors: TouringWedge15
• Front Fill: 4x Flex12