Kyungmin University installs Touringline Compact - powered by AD-Systems

Kyungmin University installs Touringline Compact

Top marks for AD-Systems in new Korean university hall

Korea: AD-Systems distributor Ecose has installed a TouringLine compact line array system into a new multi-purpose hall at Kyungmin University in Uijeongby City, near Seoul. Originally designed as a 350-seat lecture theatre, it was decided to upgrade the room in the new building when the visiting university president saw greater potential for the space. The audio, video and lighting systems already installed were of a professional level, and the president requested that the stage equipment be upgraded to allow the room to be registered as an official concert hall in Uijeongby City.

Ecose has flown six of AD-Systems’ TouringLine Compact line array speakers per side as a L/R main system, with two TouringSub 18 subwoofers on stage, four Wedge12 coaxial stage monitors for performers and eight PicoSpots installed as surround speakers around the hall. The entire system is driven by Powersoft M50Q and K3 amplifiers, and controlled by Xilica Audio’s Neutrino A0816 speaker management software. This allows DSP modules such as crossovers, delay, limiter, polarity and gain to be combined and displayed in a single window.

Ecose’s business development director Tommy Kim, who was project manager for audio, video and lighting systems at Kyungmin University, used EASE Focus 2 prediction software to map the room, determining the optimum position and settings for the main arrays. ‘The results were just as predicted; even SPL all over the hall and consistent frequency response at all seats,’ he said.

The hall opened with a demo of all equipment, playing classical music, jazz and rock tracks as well as scenes from a film played back in 5.1. The chairman of the Kyungmin Foundation, himself a former president of Kyungmin University and currently a member of the National Assembly of Korea, said after the ceremony, ‘I’ve had many experiences of hearing and using good sound systems, and I think this is one of the best systems I’ve ever used. Even the microphone I’m using for this speech is very straightforward to use and sounds very clear with these monitor speakers on stage.’


pictures and text courtesy of ProaudioAsia.