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Letzigrund athletics stadium in Zurich plays with iFlex

© Letzigrund athletics stadium in Zurich

Letzigrund Leichtathletikstadion mit iFlex Lautsprecher

The fact that the athletics stadium is affectionately nicknamed the “birthday-cake” is perhaps due to the relatively low roof height of the stadium, but it is certainly due to the 31 towering headlight structures that illuminate the Letzigrund so fantastically. A nice comparison – and what would a birthday cake be without a serenade or background music?

Let The Games Begin

With a capacity of over 50,000 spectators at concerts, the Letzigrund stadium is the largest event venue in Switzerland. And it also hosts the home games of FC Zurich and Grasshopper Club Zurich, the “Weltklasse Zurich Meeting” and many great open-air concerts. Various corporate and private events also take place here. And of course you will also find AD-Systems there. Exactly, our iFlex loudspeakers were also installed there..

VIP lounges with Very Interesting Products

The VIP area in the Letzigrund stadium offers an ideal platform to meet interesting people and to experience FC Zurich games and concert events. From these best seats in the stadium, you can enjoy events in an extraordinary atmosphere and with the best sound quality. Our Swiss sales partner, promedias AG, planned our iFlex08 loudspeakers for the sound reinforcement of the lounges.
The iFlex08 is a 2-way fullrange loudspeaker designed for exactly this type of fixed installation. It has a built-in passive crossover and is equipped with a direct-radiating 8″ low-mid speaker and a 1″ compression driver. Due to the horizontal mounting of the loudspeakers in the lounges, the horn was rotated (90° wide x 60° high) and our H-brackets were used.

Fire protection and IP protection classes

Another requirement of the operator was the high safety standard against the ingress of liquids and other possible external influences. Our iFlex loudspeakers are classified according to IP54 certified as standard. The IP protection classes indicate how strong an object or loudspeaker is protected against the ingress of water or other possible external influences. For our loudspeakers, an IP54 class means that there is a complete protection against contact. The product is even protected against the ingress of small dust particles that can cause dangerous voltage. And even with splash water from all sides, safety against moisture is fundamentally ensured. Nevertheless, the colleagues from Switzerland exchanged the Neutrik SPEAKON connections that were installed as standard quality connection for a PG screw connection with 2×4.0qmm.

The fire protection regulations also provided for “halogen-free” loudspeaker cables, which the assembly team already had on site in the VIP rooms. When “normal” loudspeaker cables made of plastics containing halogens, especially PVC, burn, hydrogen halides are released from the plastic. Halogens combine with water, such as firefighting water, but also with the moisture in the mucous membranes to form acids, chlorine becomes hydrochloric acid, and fluorine becomes the highly corrosive hydrofluoric acid. A mix of dioxin and other highly toxic chemicals can also occur…

So much for the theory and the high standards that the Swiss have once again put into their beloved birthday-cake with great attention to planning detail and precision. You simply have to see this love of detail or experience it up close during a football game or concert. So next time you’re in Zurich, make a stop by the Letzigrund and pay attention to the ingenious installation of the loudspeakers “made in Wesel” in the VIP lounge…

Letzigrund stadium opening hours

Monday to Friday
08:00 am – 12:00 am
01:00 pm – 05:00 pm
phone +41 44 413 94 94

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