Megabase festival 2013 with Touringline und Stium sound systems by AD-Systems

Megabase Outdoorfestival 2013 with Touringline und Stium sound systems


Holland: The Megabase Outdoor festival is a compulsory event for thousands of Hardstyle and RAW fans and takes place every year in the Netherlands. You can find out which sound systems were used in the following lines.

Our Dutch friend and partner Michael Willemsen and his team of Soundsolutions, were again service provider in 2013 and took advantage loudspeaker systems from AD-Systems. The 2 x 12 of our TouringLine were used in the linearray for the required range and sound of the FOH area – here especially in the medium high frequency range. These played completely “relaxed” over the entire distance of about 80 meters and also distant listeners had their pleasure. For the Nearfill range, the extremely powerful STIUM speakers were used.


So much audio equipment leaves a lasting impression …
Not without reason, our slogan is “we amplify emotions”


If you want to have a taste of the event, you can check out the 2013 Teaser at the Megabase Festival.



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