Nazomere Festival Holland 2016 - Electronic Festival with AD-Systems

Nazomere Festival Holland 2016 – Electronic Festival with AD

Panormabild vom Nazomeren Festival 2016

Holland: The Nazomere Festival is a renowned electronic festival which takes place every year in Groningen near Emden and Leer (NL). And if you want to offer an extra class in the music scene to your listeners, you have to use first-class audio equipment – period!

Our partner Soundsolutions and the service provider in charge of the project took advantage of our loudspeaker systems for to deliver the sound of the festival in 2016 and pumped the basses through “flesh and bone”. The extensive spectator field was covered by 2 Line-Arrays consisting of 12 TouringLines each.

Doppel-Subwoofer Touringinfra in Endfired Anordnung

Our TouringInfra double subwoofers were laid out in the endfire arrangement, creating an infernal sound thanks to their gigantic-sounding, latest generation 18″ neodymium drivers. And the audience was treated to an incredibly dynamic yet controlled sound, delivered by engineer Michael Willemsen

So many ingenious sound engineering wants and needs to be heard and, above all, experienced. We dont live by our slogan “we amplify emotions” for nothing. If you want a taste, check out the attached 2016 video teaser for the Nazomere Festival.


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