Nurburgring – Daredevil drivers in fomula race cars

AD-Systems unterwegs im Formel BMW auf dem Nürburgring

It was a big surprise for some of our team members. While it was clear that we were having a company outing – the destination remained secret. It was even more confusing when we met the sales department of VfL Bochum in the early morning to start our “journey into the unknown”.

Destination Nürburgring

After a three-hour ride, we arrived at the Nürburgring. After a guided tour behind the scenes of the race track, we finally stood in the showroom of the Driving Academy Nürburgring. It was clear that there was some excitement to be had!

And that was exactly what happened – Peter Terting’s theory presentation was followed by a  quick change into jumpsuits, and like astronauts on a mission to Mars, all pilots were eager to get started. The fully-fledged Formula BMW cars were waiting to be pushed to the limit again….without ABS, Traction Control, ESP or other superfluous tools, of course!

Rennfahrer auf dem Weg zu Ihren Rennwagen

Technical data of the racing cars:

  • Engine: 4 cylinder , 1.200 ccm
  • Maximum RPM: 8.200 / min
  • Weight: 465 kg
  • Power: 103 KW, 140 PS
  • Chassis: Carbon Monocoque
  • Hewland 6-Gear Transmission, sequentiell

Playground : Grand-Prix racetrack

On a section of the old Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit, we divided into groups and the driving behavior – or rather the adhesive behavior of the car – was tested while maintaining a safety distance of 30 meters from the front man. “Gluing” is here the right term, because the slicks stuck on the asphalt firmly and thus ensured insane corners at high speeds. Note: Top Speed ​​was relative…. each driver had his own definition 😉

Turners, parking and red flag

Einparken am Reifenstapel Nürburgring mit Formel BMWFrom the dreaded wagon-turner in the bend, to prohibited overtaking maneuvers, everything that could happen happend. We developed a great respect for our Dutch friend and fellow-competitor, who, at the expense of his own disqualification, showed the instructor, Andreas Gülden, how to drive and pass in Holland ! Sudden stopping at the tire stack after corner exits in “full drive mode” was also expertly practiced. All within a hair’s width to the stack and completely without damage – a born race driver ..

Fast, faster and fastest

In accordance with the Quote of the day: “some drive fast – others faster”, every participant expanded his horizons and crossed new boundaries. On this day, according to the hand held, the heroes were created again. Daredevil driver in frenzied boxes.
A day not quickly forgotten …





You can find more spectacular photos of the race event on our Facebook page.
And take a look at the Videotrailer of the Driving Academy!

Information about the event organizer:

capricorn NÜRBURGRING GmbH
Contact person: Stefan Gierden
53520 Nürburg
Info- & Ticket-Hotline: 0800 20 83 200
E-Mail: ed.gn1527218257irgru1527218257breun1527218257@ofni1527218257