Perfect acoustic experience for the Swissporarena in Lucerne with AD-Systems

Perfect acoustic experience for the new Swissporarena in Lucerne

Beschallungskonzept Swissporarena Luzern
Switzerland – It’s not always possible to work on a building project of this class. However, the company Avidec AG and our Swiss partner Promedias contributed to the planning and building of the newly built football stadium in Lucerne.

Due to the operational requirements for the multi-purpose facility, which seats between 16,000 and 20,000 spectators, considerable measures had to be taken to optimize the reverberation time. In order to achieve an optimal reverberation time and ensure uniform sound and good speech transmission to all seats, a loudspeaker system with extremely precise directivity and above-average sensitivity was required.

Optimal reverberation time

For this reason, Avidec AG planned the complete sound system in close collaboration with the client and used our Stium high-performance loudspeaker system for its implementation. Installed were 70 pieces of Stium loudspeakers paired in horizontal orientation and the evenly distributed on the straight lines and curves of the arena. For the VIP area, which is striking through its large glass fronts, 19  of our iFlex10 are controlled separately from the Stium System. The loudspeaker systems achieve an astounding speech intelligibility index of up to 0.68˝ – so it is no surprise that the Swissporarena is technically and acoustically up-to date and fulfills the stadium standard A +.

Bilder der Bauphase Swisspoarena Luzern

Technical highlights on Swissporarena:

Speaker PA (AD-Systems):
70 pieces STIUM – 2×12″/1.4″ High-performance speakers
19 pieces iFlex10 – 10″/1″ High-performance speakers

Lautsprecher EVAK (ic audio/AMC Baltic):
763 pieces 100 Volt-speakers (various types)
48 pieces proDOME175® – concrete paving pot 175mm

Leistungsverstärker (Bittner Audio):
10 pieces 4X1400 – Multichannel amplifier, 4 x 1240 Watt/4 Ohm
2 pieces 4X700 – Multichannel amplifier, 4 x 880 Watt/4 Ohm
4 pieces SXL II – Amplifier supervisor, programmable control interface according to EN 60849

Audiomatrix (Ashly Audio):
5 pieces ne8800mc – 8×8 MIC/LINE Audiomatrix with CobraNet

Facts and figures:
seating capacity: 17.000 visitors
seating capacity concerts: from 15.000 to 20.000
building-costs: 79,6 million CHF
Stadionstandard: A+ (Meets highest international requirements)


Contact to avidec AG

Ruchwiesenstrasse 5
CH-8157 Dielsdorf

Contact to Promedias AG

Grabenackerstrasse 27
CH-8156 Oberhasli

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