The Globe Wien - old optics with modern acoustic pulse generator AD-Systems

The Globe Wien – charming classic style with modern acoustics

Panorama Bild vom GLOBE WIEN in der Marx Halle

Austria: The GLOBE WIEN is a unique theater space in Austria in the style of Shakespeare’s historic elizabethan Globe Theater.  The Globe is run by Michael Niavarani and his associate Benedikt Hoanzl.

The theatre was built in the Marx Hall with a special stage and room concept. In keeping with the historical example in London, the theatre offers spectators and listeners a special proximity to the stage. In order to facilitate a premium audio experience to match the visual, the GLOBE WIEN added new audio equipment from AD-Systems to their existing audio installation. The NT4-K6 power amplifiers as well as the Touringwedge12 and Touringsubs have become a powerful addition in the renowned theater.

Globe Wien - Audioübergabe mit Karl Lager und Franz Peterseil

The picture shows Karl Lager (AD-Systems Austria) and Franz Peterseil (right) from “six by nine GmbH“, during the hand over. The company six by nine, headquartered in Linz, is responsible for the entire lighting and sound operation at GLOBE WIEN.


For those who want to seduce their senses with the acoustic and visual charms of GLOBE WIEN, we recommend a visit and a look at their website:


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Niavarani & Hoanzl GmbH

Karl Farkas Gasse 19
Austria 1030 Vienna

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Karl Lager


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