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Doublestack TouringStick in the Gurten open-air theater

The term open-air theater is generally associated with images of mild summer evenings, champagne receptions and laid bar tables, finger food and the smell of flowers and freshly mown grass. Maybe also from theater make-up and stage pyrotechnics. These sensory perceptions are immediately processed by the brain and the resultant meaning makes many theater visits to an unforgettable sensory experience.

But honestly, what hasn’t you thought of? What about the auditory senses, our hearing and the listening experience?
Our ears start working in the womb. They are 24 hours a day on duty. We need our ears to feed the brain with vital information from the environment. But our recall memory is more visually oriented. You probably remember a theatrical performance where the music was distorted, garbled or unclear. As a rule, we immediately recognize deviations, i.e. frequencies that do not match with our experiences, and ponder what exactly is wrong. But then the sound is perfect, the brain accepts the auditory perception as given.

The sound makes the music

… and the music makes the harmony! And quite incidentally, our sensory perceptions give us a feeling of contentment and well-being. So easy!
So it’s no wonder that event organizers of all shades and genres rely on professional sound reinforcement for the audience. This also applies to the Gurten open-air theater in Bern. A loudspeaker system is often used here, which not only beguiles the eyes of the viewer with its design. Rather, it is his unobtrusive manner, his phonetic charisma that carries the music and pronunciation to the listener’s ears in a way that is so normal, so exemplary, and yet extremely impressive.

What is meant is our TouringStick, a line source system of the new generation, which is used by our Swiss partner promedias AG and his rental partner for speech-heavy performances in Gurten. Our sticks are regularly used in open-air theatres. But not in any way.


Piggyback or Doublepack?

It doesn’t matter what you call it. A TouringStick alone offers an impressive sound result. If you use two TouringSticks in the double-stacking configuration, i.e. acoustically coupled – this system acts as one large loudspeaker with an incredible sound output and throwing distance.
The brilliant sound quality and the unique speech intelligibility will amaze even professionals from a long distance away. Because the sound volume of this compact two-way line array column is enormous. Equipped with four 6.5″ low-mid neodymium drivers and three 1″ neodymium compression drivers on an asymmetrical waveguide, the TStick always presents itself as self-confident and powerful.

It’s a Bird…? It’s a Plane…?

Our Swiss partner from promedias AG is always very happy with this speaker. In addition to the outstanding sound quality, this is also due to the simple, uncomplicated nature. The well thought-out, “roadworthy” design and the extensive range of accessories make the TStick a faithful companion at all events – not just in Switzerland. The accessories from our company allow almost any application. Whether flown, on a tripod, as a fixed installation or in a double stack – we offer the right equipment. And we are also known for special solutions and custom-made products and can always satisfy our customers… So what is it now? A bird, a plane? No! It´s Super-TStick

And if you are sitting in an open-air theater, or even better in the Gurten theater, then listen carefully to what is pleasing to your ears. Maybe it’s a TouringStick that subconsciously makes the evening unforgettable…

Contact and directions

Theater Gurten
Wasserwerkgasse 29
CH-3011 Bern
Phone: +41 31 533 10 05

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