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Musical The Phantom of the Opera on tour with Sticks andTLCs

Everyone knows the love story and the musical highlight based on Gaston Leroux’s original bestselling novel “The Phantom of the Opera”. With an international cast, choir and a large orchestra, the world-famous love story was re-launched by the organizer “Deutsche Musical Agentur”. After kicking off the tour on December 6th, 2019 with the German premiere in Berlin, the musical started its major tour from December 2019 to March 2020, entertaining audiences in well-known cities such as Hamburg, Munich, Hanover, Stuttgart and Zurich.

The technical realization (sound and light) of this romantic musical staging is led by our partner, TBM-Event, from Geilenkirchen, depending on the event locations. The experienced crew around André Gonstalla and Berthold Koerver were deployed for the first time on January 24th in the Red Box in Mönchengladbach, followed on February 17 by the Schwabenhalle in Augsburg.

“The Schwabenhalle (60m x 70m), was divided to accommodate 400+ spectators. We used a total of 6 toursubs (cardiod), 4 touring sticks (in doublestack), 2 Magnus15 as nearfill, and four NT4-K6 power amplifiers from AD-Systems.” explained André.

Though the two managing directors already knew the TouringSticks from previous projects, the faces of the crew showed that they were clearly irritated at first contact.

„Both the sound engineer and the hall manager were more than skeptical when they saw the TouringSticks (FOH). But, configured in Doublestack mode, the sticks revealed their full potential during the three-hour musical evening, turning skeptics into enthusiasts. The opinion was unanimous: crystal clear, direct sound right to the end of the hall!” recalls Berthold.

If you want to experience and hear the  TBM event team and AD-Systems’ loudspeakers live, your last opportunity is March 20th and March 22nd, 2020 in Cologne (E-Werk). Also in the musical ensemble is our impressive double 6.5″ TouringLine-Compact line array as FOH system. If you can’t get to the show, we’re always happy to demo the TouringSticks and the TLC here in our facility in Wesel. Simply phone or email us to schedule a demo…

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