Installation Demoday in Neede with AV Integrate and AD-Systems

Installation day with Audio Integrate (NL)

Porträt von Richard Grevelink CEO von AV Integrate
It did not take a lot of persuasion, only a demonstration of our i.Flex speakers and mounting accessories to inspire Richard Grevelink, CEO of AV Integrate to host a roadshow “Special” in the Netherlands. Richard specializes in the installation of professional audio and video solutions and has been known in Holland for more than 15 years for his professional distribution of audio products to the AV industry.

Therefore, on Thursday, March 28, 2019, an installation-focused roadshow will be held at AV Integrate in Neede, NL. In addition to the i.Flex loudspeaker series, the STIUM, TouringStick, Magnus Compact, Picospots and Picosubs from the Touring Series, including mounting solutions. You can sign up through

Richard or via our registration form.

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Update, 27.03.2018: Appointment cancellation, see more details here…