MOGO 2017 – Motorbike church service with Michel and AD-Systems

On Sunday, June 11th, 2017, the MOGO was attended by thousands of bikers and spectators at Hamburg’s church “Michel”. The motorbike mass took place for the 34th time and was held by pastor Lars Lemke. The  St. Michaelis evangelical Church is the most famous church building in Hamburg and was  the venue for motorcycle mass. The event attracts more than... mehr lesen >>

The Globe Wien – charming classic style with modern acoustics

Austria: The GLOBE WIEN is a unique theater space in Austria in the style of Shakespeare’s historic elizabethan Globe Theater.  The Globe is run by Michael Niavarani and his associate Benedikt Hoanzl. The theatre was built in the Marx Hall with a special stage and room concept. In keeping with the historical example in London, the theatre offers spectators and... mehr lesen >>

The Oceana Beach Resort in Lebanon celebrates 2017 with AD speakers

Lebanon: A Picture is worth a thousand words, and these photos of our loudspeaker systems at the Ocena Resort in Lebanon should inspire the readers’ feelings. The video below sums up the reasons we build such genius loudspeakersystems: “Good vibes, cold drinks and nice ladies” – Party pure in Lebanon powered by AD-Systems, ’cause we amplifiy emotions… For years, our... mehr lesen >>

Presentation Touringseries and NT4 DSP – Seminar in Lebanon

Dear AD-Systems friends, Workshops and seminars have a long tradition in our company and this is how we combine our work with the charm of the Orient. “Destination Lebanon” – more precisely, located in the paradise resort “Sense” a little bit north of Beirut. What we do there? Work, even if the pictures of the resort with palm trees and... mehr lesen >>

Barclay James Harvest feat. Les Holroyd – Classic Rock meets Touringwedge15

It is very special to have an iconic classic rock band choose our soundsystems. Who do we mean? Barclay James Harvest featuring Les Holroyd, of course. In 1967, Barclay James Harvest and founder Les Holroyd began their musical journey in Manchester, England, and are currently celebrating the band jubilee with their current tour “Retrospective – 50th Anniversary Tour 2017”. Bandleader... mehr lesen >>

Nazomere Festival Holland 2016 – Electronic Festival with AD

Holland: The Nazomere Festival is a renowned electronic festival which takes place every year in Groningen near Emden and Leer (NL). And if you want to offer an extra class in the music scene to your listeners, you have to use first-class audio equipment – period! Our partner Soundsolutions and the service provider in charge of the project took advantage... mehr lesen >>

Museum Ebianum – caterpillar passion meets acoustic surrender

Switzerland: When the love of caterpillars and construction machinery turns into passion, opening a museum is not far away. This was the case with the Eberhard family, four brothers who purchased an existing hall of 3,300 m² in 2010. Their dream of a caterpillar museum was to be realized in Fisibach. The aim was not only to exhibit machines, but... mehr lesen >>

Customized sound installation in Krefeld’s Discothek Königsburg

Krefeld: The Königsburg has a long been an integral part of Krefeld’s nightlife. Thanks to its unusual design and interior, the Königsburg boasts a unique charm that attracts its guests from all over the Ruhrgebiet. In order to facilitate the best atmosphere for the partying people and the DJ’s pumping out the beats, Volko Herdick, the Koenigsburg’s manager,  and his... mehr lesen >>

Kyungmin University installs Touringline Compact

Top marks for AD-Systems in new Korean university hall Korea: AD-Systems distributor Ecose has installed a TouringLine compact line array system into a new multi-purpose hall at Kyungmin University in Uijeongby City, near Seoul. Originally designed as a 350-seat lecture theatre, it was decided to upgrade the room in the new building when the visiting university president saw greater potential... mehr lesen >>

Megabase Outdoorfestival 2013 with Touringline und Stium sound systems

Holland: The Megabase Outdoor festival is a compulsory event for thousands of Hardstyle and RAW fans and takes place every year in the Netherlands. You can find out which sound systems were used in the following lines. Our Dutch friend and partner Michael Willemsen and his team of Soundsolutions, were again service provider in 2013 and took advantage loudspeaker systems... mehr lesen >>